Who we are

Our team is small, but we dream big! We are:

Justin Stockbridge, our armourer  has been working as a full time armorer for the past five years, developing and honing his skills. He is now proud say that he feels confident working with spring steel up to 2.5mm thick. It is a very temperamental material that seems often to defy logic and shows the true talent of those that can work with it. Justin has recently finished his diploma of art with his work in armour and is now working on further studies into producing museum installation of armour, tools and utensils.

Sophie Stockbridge managers the business, liaises with customers and organizes the order book. She has also worked in the workshop and does all leather work and tailoring needed for the armour produced. We also very proud to say that Sophie has run one of the largest events in the New Zealand calendar, NAAMA. She has completed a diploma of art in photography and sculpture and is currently finishing her bachelor of arts in Classics.

Daniel Lewis is responsible for R&D and the application of modern technologies in the traditional practice of metal working. He has studied architectural design and web design and fills the roll of head designer in the company. He has worked in the workshop creating works for clients and himself but found that problem solving the design decisions to support Justin was his forte.